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Anglo-Indian Newspapers

Extracts from Native Indian Newspapers on Anglo-Indian Newspapers:

Shahna-i-Hind (1897)

..Anglo Indian newspapers have always been jealous of the liberty which vernacular press has equally enjoyed with them, it is no wonder that the former should avail themselves of the present excitement among Englishmen, and induce the government to gag the latter. … put should the government revive the vernacular press act, it would be perpetrating a serious blunder and exposing extreme weakness on its part and making itself a laughing stock., not only of India, but of other countries as well. Lord Lytton passed a similar Act, but it had soon to be repealed. Instead of passing a Press Act, the government had better introduce reforms in its administration…

Hindustan (1897)

..hardly a day passes without some anonymous letters appearing in the Anglo Indian newspapers, in which most severe attacks are made on Indians with perfect impunity....