Considering the degree of liberty which the government concede to the Calcutta Press, it is much to be regretted that they do not themselves adopt or establish an organ for the defense and explanation of their own measures, and for the expression of sentiments on all questions of local interest. This is done in England, in France, in the United States, wherever the freedom of the press is enjoyed,,,Even under despotic governments, much more in free countries, it is felt that the mere announcement of public measures does not suffice to enable the public to appreciate the spirit which dictated them, the objects which it is proposed to accomplish. ...

In India, at present, we do not believe that it can, with justice, be said that there are any political factions  or parties, determined under all circumstances to oppose the government, and anxious only, like the Whigs and Tories at home, to find or to make a fault. It is our sincere conviction that there is no one connected with the Indian Press, who does not desire to do ample justice to the measures of the administration as far as they are known or understood. But the fact is that they are not frequently known: or of partially known, misapprehensions are formed which a little explanation from an authoritative source would immediately remove, and with them, much, if not all the bitterness of feeling which they occasion. The Govt Gazette, although a demi-offical paper, does not at present perform this duty, not from any neglect on the part of its respected and able conductor, but apparently because it is not empowered to speak with due emphasis, or to communicate the desired information on questions connected with the measures and acts of Govt. We know not what changes may be in contemplation regarding gazette ; but we believe it would be highly satisfactory to the public, if it were adopted as the organ of sentiments of Govt,. and of the public were at all times led to expect from it authentic information and full explanations respecting the proceeding of Govt...

India Gazette, 15 February 1832


Calcutta Press & Government 1832



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