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Education Abroad 

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State Scholars sent to Europe

 The following question was raised at the Council of State in the year 1922:

"The Honourable Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Ganganath Jha: Will the government be pleased to inform:

(a) The names of State scholars who have been sent to Europe for higher study, during the last ten years;

(b) the subjects for the study of which the scholarship was awarded to each scholar;

( c) the work that has been by each scholar since his return to India; and

(d) the works and papers published by each of them since their return to the country?

The Honourable Mian Sir Muhammad Shafi: (a) & (b). The information, so far as available, is laid on the table. The information regarding technical State scholarships in recent years is however not available, since those scholarships were provincials with effect from 1918.

( c) The occupation taken up by the State technical scholars since their return to India is given in the statement so far as it is available. The Government of India have no information regarding the history of other scholars after return to India.

(d) The government of India have no information and do not think that the advantages of collecting this information would commensurate with the labour involved."

It was very rosy for many State Scholars regarding the occupation after return to India. Take a look-

Mohammad Hussain Qazi
Unemployed. Was a candidate for professorship of mathematics in a college

Ram Pal
Scholarship cancelled owing to Mr. Ram Pal’s failure to proceed to England.

K.M Muttannah

Has not yet obtained any employment. It appears that he unwilling to accept an initial salary of less than Rs. 300 per mensem and that employers are not willing to give such a high rate. At present in Bellary under medical treatment

Kishan Lal
At present out of employment

Ramesh Chandra Roy
Has refused to return to India

Ram Lal
Scholarship terminated after a year. Refused to return to India.

Khagendrnath Ghose
Return not yet reported

Khalid Ahmad
Resigned scholarship

Birendra Nath Dey
Failed at final examination for the associate of the royal institute of British Architecture and abandoned is architectural studies. 
                                                                                                                                                       (Council of State, 17/1/1922)