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Fake Medicine

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...Inert and useless substances were palmed off on medial practitioners to the detriment and harm of their patients. What faith can one place upon the honesty of dealers when such a life-saving remedy as insulin that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives of diabetic patients is substituted by castor oil!… The doctor, Sir, is at the mercy of the dealer who is to avoid loss, sells such products as freshly imported. However pure and sterile they may be when manufactured, there is no guarantee to their original composition being retained unchanged indefinitely. Manufacturers in India imitate the containers, bottles, boxes, labels, literature and/wrappers of reputed foreign preparations and even use the original names by transposing letters of the alphabet or by other devices. There are not merely colorable imitations. The facsimile is so perfect as to deceive even intelligent buyers. They are tempted by the difference of a few annas and the dealer’s assurance that it is just as good! There is thus no limit to the extent of deception practiced upon the people...

                                                                                  Dr. Sir Nasavanji Choksy. 1935