Influenza in India

Spanish influenza has been added to the already large number of deadly diseases in India. Plague has been working havoc in the country for the last 22 years and has taken a toll of ten misslion thus far. Only recently during the first four months of 1918, the country lost more than 400,000 persons from plague.

From the newspaper r
eports, it seems, Spanish influenza has reached even the villages and was in full swing during the month of October 1918. The number of deaths in one city of Bomaby alone reached as high as 733 on October 6, twice of the highest figure ever recorded by plague. The most noticeable feature of this mortality is the very high percentage among women and children belonging to mostly poor and middle classes. The well-to-do people have paid their toll, but mortality among them is comparatively low. 

Writing on this subject, the Tribune of Lahore says that high rate of mortality is partly due to the inability of the people in procuring enough food to maintain themselves in a healthy condition. 

In Lahore difficulty is being felt in placing the increasing number of corpses  in the Hindu cremation grounds

When will India be free of all this havoc of disease and famine?

Source- Young India. January 1919. published monthly by India Home League of America. New York





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