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Mahatma Gandhi

 Mahatma Gandhi's role in Indian Independence movement is well documented in history. However his views on various topics are not well known to many: 

Gandhi in Advertisement

Today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Most newspapers carry advertisements on this occasion, mostly governmental advertisement. Only a few companies of private sector have placed ads, while remembering Gandhi. Ayurvedic oil- Dr. Ortho, carried a photo of Mahatma Gandhi with a quote, not related to oil! Not to forget Bollywood writer/poet posing with Dr Ortho in his hand. An advertisement by Pitanjali, company leading in Auyrvedic products, carries a sketch of Mahatma Gandhi with punch line- “ Salute of an obliged nation to SWADESHI ANDOLAN (movement) idol of Pujya (respected) Bapu on his birth anniversary”. The catch in smaller font is-”Adopt Pitanjali & bring economic freedom to the nation. Save nation from foreign company’s economic loot…”. This advertisement has appeared in both English & Hindi is Times of India and Amar Ujala respectively. However the difference is indeed visible, Hindi advertisement has an extra word- “slavery”- “…Save nation from foreign company’s economic loot & slavery..”. Ralco Tyres has highlighted small charkha, a favourite of Mahatma Gandhi. Four lines in big font, below the charkha reads- “one wheel had got air of freedom. Two wheels can ease all our breath”. What’s the catch? Smaller fonts read-”Come from this Gandhi Jayanti let’s enjoy cycling everyday”. A family is seen cycling but instead of cycle, only wheels are visible! Bathroom fitting brand- Jaquar’s punch line asks- “Remember why Gandhi’s believed in Swadeshi?”. Interestingly, its patriotic tone ends -”…we Indians can do it! That we are saare jahan se achha!”. The catch lies below this-”Jaguar. Proudly made in India for the world”. The largest public sector bank- State Bank of India also remembers Gandhi with punch line-”Gandhi’s thinking is still today with us”. Wonder, why other private sector advertisements in leading newspapers forget to remember Bapu on his birthday?  

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Mahatma Gandhi's  views that appeared in archival newspapers: