Newspaper Priority 1875

...the people are steeped in ignorance & cannot appreciate newspapers. First, they look out for news& startling intelligence, not at all comprehending the real design & object of these periodicals. Others look out for pleasing and wonderful narratives to be concocted in same way; for instance, something must be said about Russia, that the Russians have taken possession of the country upto Lahore, Rajpoots have risen; the French at Pondicherry have surrounded the Gundgaraj Fort; the Bengalis, panting for independence, were on the point of taking Ford William on the 24th May, But they would not like to have the same story taken another form, & to be told that the whole of them fled at the report of a single gun an were captured to a man ere they had the time to reach Chowringhee. False & trumped up stories like these would suit them well. There are those also who deem newspapers to be chiefly false.

 With a view to ponder to such tastes the editor of Behar  Bandhu   intends for the future to publish accounts of corruption on the part of court officials and to show up the faults of others. (Behar  Bandhu   1 June 1875)




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