Sarcajc Research in Journalism Advertisement & Cartoon 

Aim: To study, research, acquire, preserve & promote cartoons, advertisement in Newspapers, Journals, and Magazines that constitute rich cultural heritage of this vast region. Projects related to Indian cartoons, advertisements and journalism during British Raj are being conducted. In order to promote innovative representations, we aim to hold exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops related to cartoons, advertisement and journalism. And of course, print media watch apart from television monitoring and special investigations for benefit of main street. The long term aim is to build an archival depository related to much neglected media- cartoons, advertisement and journals in the region of South Asia that would facilitate research in this region. Presently, we have Indian newspaper collection on various topics in several languages since 2006. Further, collection of thousands of Indian cartoons, classified topic wise since 2002 till date. Last, not the least thousands of advertisements under various categories. 

Founder of SARCAJC: Pragya Parmita

Note: The images displayed on website of SARCAJC should not be copied and used/reproduced in any form, in any media. They are under Copyrights/reproduction rights. 

About Us 

South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC) is committed to the study, research and promotion of advertisements, journalism and cartoons. Many research centres exists in the West, but ours is the first independent initiative of its kind in South Asia. 

About us