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All India Radio (AIR) woes

The Indian media has highlighted record Indian medal tally in the recently concluded Asian Games. The national broadcasting radio- All India radio's FM Gold Channel was broadcasting live commentary of  major matches. But its regular RJs seemed untrained for the rule of sports commentator. One female RJ conceded (live) that she is confused between a match & game, another female RJ – Rajashree was speaking so slowly and struggling for words that one had to wonder if she was forcibly asked to sit her & talk. There are so many ex-sport persons around who could have been roped for this role and would have performed willingly! While on the other hand, Doordarshan, yesterday broadcasted a special programme at night on the occasion of Janmashtami with four special well informed, knowledgeable anchors (Madhuri sang few lines of folk songs!). The programme ended with few lines of Hindi poet-Dinkar. Well researched programme, indeed.

A small birdie told us a foreign trip (Asian Games) was so sought after at AIR that they had no time to transmit Krishna Janmashtami -live! We checked up twitter account of AIR and found no mention of the same! The quality of programmes at AIR is dismal- with main focus only on songs. Most female RJs present the programmes as if they have taken inspiration from – “Tumari Sulu”. The flood of songs with RJs who try to flirt, laugh unnecessarily makes waste of tax payer’s money. The same set of listeners SMS them with complements. Last week, AIR FM Gold celebrated its 18th birthday(turned adult?) with song in Hindi played in many programmes by female RJs- where a girl & boy are singing about their age, from Hindi movie 'Karz'. Compared to BBC Hindi Service, AIR gets nowhere in terms of quality. The only solace to some extent is news in FM Gold channel at  8 am and 2 pm.

A need to reform indeed, but who is listening? (4 September 2018)