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11 August 2016

Hindi still poor in Advertisement

Near to the Independence day, today a half a page advertisement by Ministry of  Tourism, Government of India, has appeared in Times of India and Amar Ujala. The ad in Times of India is in English while advertisement in Amar Ujala is in Hindi language. The punch line of both ads is-”Bharav Parv”- in bold, meaning festival of India. 

Bharat Parv Advertisement

It seems the advertisement in English is original, while the Hindi ad is a weak translation. 

For instance, the word ‘cuisines’ is translated as “Pak-pranali” (cooking method)!, the word -‘celebration’ is translated as ‘anushthan’ (rite). The ad in English  lists- “Special adornments and highlights at Rajpath”(7 in number), which reduces to 5 in number in the ad in Hindi. There neither any mention  of “Theme pavilions of 17 States” nor of “Azadi 70 Saal- Yaad Karo Kurbani- an exhibition by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting”. The important words- “unity in diversity” that do appear in the advertisement in English are absent from the advertisement in Hindi. Wonder why? 

Now question emerges, who would note this flaw in Governmental Hindi advertisement and pull the advertiser?