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cartoon on budget 2011

1 March 2010

Cartoons Feast: Yesterday, the annual budget 2011 was presented by Finance Minister of India- Pranab Muhkerjee, and today it’s raining cartoons and caricatures in most leading newspapers.  Cartoonist have depicted the Finance Minister in various roles in toons/caricatures. Check out the front pages- The caricature of Finance minister in Loksatta shows him dressed regularly but with empty hands, though his briefcase is placed near him. Asian Age toon sees him as a magician churning out currency notes. Tribune and Dainik Tribune have carried a caricature of Finance minister wearing a yellow turban, loaded with goodies. Rashtriya Sahara toon features him as snake charmer and is charming rupee coming out of parliament. Sakhi toon shows him juggling five balls while standing on a one rupee coin. Tough job indeed! The cartoon on the front page of Aaj Samaj front page shows the finance minister as a farmer, raising a tractor, carrying loads of passengers including happy Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, though in the inner page toon shows him as a magician.  The cartoon in Haribhoomi shows hum as a farmer riding a tractor with key features of the budget. The toon in Punjab Kesari features him opening his long robe to show a poor Indian farmer a list of costly and cheap items due to his budget. The toon in New Indian Express shows has a cowboy, happily rising the bull of rupee! The large caricature of Finance minister on front page of Eenadu shows him, somehow managing to walk on rope with loads. Yes, people watching the rope trick are scared.  The cartoon on front page of Navbharat Times shows Finance Minister with the large trophy of ‘Budget NCR Cup” in Stadium, accompanying him is Chief Minister of Haryana and Prime Minister wearing blue outfits similar to Indian cricket team. Similarly, caricature in Hindustan shows him as a cricketer. The large sized cartoon on front page of Swabhiman Times (in its first year) features both Prime Minister and Finance Minister sitting on ground, former playing sweet tunes from flute while latter has his hand in a large bag – “budget 2011”. This is viewed by a couple and their small kid. What does the couple think-“The tune is good..but what  came out of the bag?”. The cartoon in Dinakaran shows happy finance minister walking with men from urban and rural India. Their verdict is clear- thumbs up.  In large sized caricature carried by Mathrubhumi,  finance minister is seen holding four trophies with Indian faces and underneath bulls are running. Hindustan Times has carried a near to normal caricature of Finance Minister. But which is the cartoon that comprehensively narrates the highlights of budget for its readers? Check out the front page cartoon in Malayala Manorama that depicts its impact on various ages- baby, school-going kid, old man, women- all carrying the face of Pranab Mukherjee! Indeed an imaginative attempt by its cartoonist.

Now take a look at smaller cartoons- The smaller toon on front page of Eenadu shows him busy in Laskshmi Puja, has he succeeded? The large cartoon on front page of Free Press Journal shows the Finance Minister forcibly making a young boy smile. The small front page cartoon in Jansatta shows man & a woman returning from utensil shop, however the woman is unhappy due to price rise- “have taken utensil but what will we cook”.  The one carried by DNA shows two elderly men sitting on a bench in a park, one reading newspaper about “New Tax Budget” and other feeding birds. The accompanying caption reads- “80 years old and earning over Rs5 lakh? The only people belonging to this category are politicians”. The cartoon in Dainik Tribune features Tau (elder uncle) asking-“heard many speeches but you tell me only one thing, is there any plan to cover gutter for common man.” He is seen pointing towards a man fallen in gutter. The Oscar has come in budget-toon! The small sized toon in Indian Express features Finance Minister holding a thick, big notebook whose front page reads-“The Indian story to be co-scripted by opposition states..”.The little boy comments-“And the advance Oscar goes to UPA’s best support-seeking actor”. The cartoon in Hindu shows the tussle between growth and inflation. The small cartoon in Loksatta (in its first year) shows a poor man looking at the list of things made cheaper by the budget with a magnifying lens, reason-“...searching for flour-pulse-oil-sugar-vegetables etc”.  The middle page of Dainik Bhaskar has carried interesting 9 cartoons on Indian Budget, while Hindustan has carried 4. Page 8 & 9 of Malayala Manorama carries three interesting cartoons. Budget cartoons also depict politics at the State level. A cartoon in Malayala Manorama shows ten politicians holding a lot of agarbattis, praying with folded hands in front of a framed photograph of common man. Not ordinary event as elections are approaching in the state of Kerala and price of Agarbatti has gone down, thanks to budget!