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Climate change Cartoons made by SARCAJC's cartoonist

Climate change in India

The intense heat this summer baked mainstreet all around the world. India was no  different. Now, around half India is under the spell of floods. The TV channels have been regularly showcasing floods in leading cities. With so much competition for live report, a reporter of a leading channel in Hindi had to rescued by NDRF (National Disaster Response Force). She had been reporting live, on top a a tractor, almost drown in flood!  The favourite flood hit city of most TV channels is  Mumbai. This financial city looks so helpless against the almighty water! It is rather unfortunate that these power cities have not build reserviours to store this rain water. The thrust of the public infrastructure is building roads, read highways. After a while, when the monsoon will say goodbye, this water will flow out, these areas will suffer from water crisis again. The policy makers at much acclaimed Niti Ayog seem to have lost the plot. Today, Anil Dhakar in Times of India pleads-"Netas (leaders) must understand that growth cant be at the cost of environment". A must to read. It is rather sad that in the quest for high growth figures, the concept of sustainable development has been ignored for so long. There seems to be no substancial change on the micro, macro level to tackle visible climate change- across the world. The silver lining is that a diamond baron is taking lead on the micro level and is helping villgers to build lakes to store rain water.  Himansshu Bhatt & M R Thomas reports in Times of India on page 13, that Savji Dholakia- " Diamond baron from Surat leaves sparkling water legacy". (4 August 2019). Will policy makers take inspiration, now?



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