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Why not epapers?

On 19 March 2020, Hindustan Times addressed "Dear Readers". This note informed the readers about Coronavirus and potential changes that might be coming in this newspapers. This note ended -"At this crucial time, please continue taking precautions as India battles coronavirus in a united manner. The paper itself is safe. All our plants are fumigated and sanitised regularly and the printing process is totally automated". Can this be said for all newspapers? 

The pertinent question is whether the newspapers delivered to doorstep  of "Dear readers", every morning, are without germs (read coronavirus) ? This is crucial for stopping its spread at the community level and stalling reaching the level of epidemic in India. Most Indian newspapers are potential carriers of #COVID2019 as vendors insert  private advertisement pamphlets in them on dirty roadsides, delivery vehicles are not sanitised, delivery vendor doesn't wear proper mask.  Years, back, Hindu newspaper had warned its distributors that they shouldn't insert any private advertising pamphlets in its newspaper. And this worked. But now, this newspaper will also be potentially at risk as newspaper distributor (delivery person) in most colonies is the same for all newspapers. The germs will infect all newspapers & thereby readers.

A senior friend of SARCAJC who is not in his best of health informed that d two days ago while clearing all dues he instructed the delivery vendor of Times of India, Economic Times, Dainik Jagran to stop delivery of these newspapers to his home, newspapers still continue to be delivered to his home, putting his health to great risk.  Yesterday he sent two SMS on mobile phone of the same newspaper vendor to immediately stop supply of newspapers to his house, but in vain. Today, this vendor again delivered all three newspapers to his house. Now what should this  not-so-well senior citizen do?

It seems newspaper vendors are in pressure of the circulation department of these newspapers  so they  give a damn to desire (read health) of "Dear Reader" (read presumed to be captive). Newspapers Industry should live, but readers should die, who cares? Another Senior Friend of SARCAJC informed she got sick after reading a newspaper which carried a foul smell.

There is so much talk (read preaching) about importance public health in most newspapers but in reality, do they really care about your health?

Our suggestion to "Dear Readers" is to shift from print version of newspaper to epaper.  (20 March 2020)

Cornonavirus & Newspapers