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Elder Protection: Fact or Fiction

Zee TV in prime time DNA today (3 October 2019)  remembered the International Elders Day. Examples of Amitabh Bachchan and others who are achivers even in their old age was given.  It was mentioned  that 26 % youth have agressive behaviour towards elders.  The programme ended by asking the elders to start their life afresh. But how, given non-conductive enviroment around them? 


A random survey of 460 elders conducted by Team SARCAJC revealed that 89% of elders feel the society had no repect for elders. Further, 89% of elders felt the society abuses elders. Majority of elders surveys conceded that disrepect for elders has started gathering momentum since last few years. It's not loneliness that bothers but helpless that the system does not come to help them when abused/ill-treated.  Majority elders surveyed felt that Greed, corruption is the main reason for ill-treatment.

Yes, we have seen ourselves:

Aadhaar centre does not give any priority to the elderly. A 84 year old  ill woman was seen waiting for one hour to get her aadhaar card made along with her  elderly son who was not in best of health.  And this Aadhaar  enrolement centre was run by UIDAI itself in Akshardham  Delhi.

Elders dont get any priority in Post Officers, Public sector Banks. Seen elders waiting in long queues to post letters to their childern. Seen elders waiting in long queues to get their passbook updated in Public Sector Banks Banks.

Seen Bank Manager being rude, abusive  and refusing to sign 'life certificate' of the elderly account holder.

Seen banks asking KYC documents from elder for account that the elder does not hold.

Seen Gas Agency refusing LPG refill to elder  on excuses of flimsy pretexts.

Seen pension payments delay, but no real accountabilty.

Seen elder's complaints closed, without any resolution.

Last month, Lok Sabha TV ("first parliamentary channel of India. It is dedicated to the Lower House of the Parliament. Owned and operated by Lok Sabha Secretariat") shown a Hindi Movie on a Sunday- Rui ka bojh (Weight of cotton) with Pankaj Kapoor in lead. The movie showed  elderly Kishan Singh (Pankaj Kapoor) ill-treated by son & daugher-in-law,  fed up he leaves the house, but mid-way he changes his plans and he is seen returning  to same house. What is the message of this movie- elderly should bear the illi-treatment and should not protest. and seek legal rights?  Cant he recall his properties that he had distributed to his three sons?  Lok Sabha TV did not bother to inform the viewers regarding  Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 and other legal options, if any- after the end of sad movie. Leaving depressed sensitive viewers hanging on fiction.

Yeah, did you say, you saw neighbours abusing an elderly person,  as this neighbour wanted the elder to panic and  leave own home so that the neighbour can grab it?  Not a fiction.

Premchand's story - "Boori Kaki" (old aunt) was more progressive where daugher-in-law repends the ill-treatment she gave to old Kaki,  but only a fiction?