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Mahavir Prasad Diwedi was the editor of “Saraswati”, a monthly from Allahabad. He quit a good earning government job for editorship of “Saraswati” though it was at much lower salary. He was fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati etc. His enormous contribution can be judged by the fact that he is widely considered as initiator of new age in Hindi Journalism. He was generous liberal, social reformer and mentor to many reputed writers.

..India resides in these dirty villages, here the sea of illiteracy is rampant. By propagating education here , India will advance- this is a hard fact... (July 1914)

Rural areas need education which can provide farmers at least tw meals a day. Teach them farming, small scale enterprise...(April 1920)

This world was created by a God who has no caste, who is not moved by upper-lower caste, who equally rules in all, including  Brahmins, non  Brahmins, untouchables...People believing in untouchability should leave this world created by such corrupt God  (August 1924)

There is old belief that Gods lives in homes where women are respected. Diwedi followed it. Born in conservative Brahmin family in a village in Uttar Pradesh, his high respect & love for his wife became publicly visible when he built a memorial in her memory when she died young.

Exemplary Editor