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        Flag song of 1857
We are its owner, Hindustan is ours.
Our nation is sacred, dearer than heaven
World is aglow with the light of it soul
How old, how new, best of all world
Our very own, Hindustan is ours.

Flow of Ganga & Yamuna, makes our land fertile
Overhead snow-clad mountains-
our sentry towering
Below, trumpets of sea, beating against coasts
From mines gold & diamond overflow
Our pomp and splendor, best in the world

Then came firangi from far land
 cast a magical spell
Looted our dear land with both hands
Today, the martyrs call upon whole nation-
Break the shackles of slavery, pour out fire
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, all beloved brothers
This is the flag of our Freedom
Hail & salute it.

(Pyame Azadi, 1857)

It’s a short story, a Trading company took over Indian territories on charges of misgovernment, mismanagement and supported its action as white man’s burden. Thus, India became a playground for imperialistic rule.

Prior to 1857, hundreds of revolts took place in India against the actions of the ‘honourable’ East India Company. But revolt on such a large scale was first of its kind that led to the demolition of the honourable East Indian Company's supremacy and Queen Victoria taking over. Let's figure out whether the Indians involved in revolt of 1857 were fighting for the Freedom of  a country called Hindustan or for personal motives of native rulers who were concerned about their waning wealth and power. Or was it a mere sepoy mutiny & had nothing to do with Freedom or country?

The immortal Flag Song of 1857 that appeared in Urdu Newspaper called Pyame-Azadi (meaning message of Freedom), explicitly answers:

Flag song of Revolt of 1857