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Kuka & Revolt of 1857

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18 March 2011

 The President of India has expressed her concern over state of women in India, which is far from satisfactory for the largest democracy of the world. Take a clue-"..Today, there are fewer women in India than men, and if this trend continues it would have negative impact on society itself. Punjab and Haryana are states that are already seeing the implications...An agenda for the empowerment of women should cover gender needs and concerns, at every stage and sphere of life..Secure women make for a secure nation...Gender equality is not an agenda of women versus men; rather men should be partners in the empowerment of women. History has many examples where men have been at the forefront in fighting for women's causes". 

In Asian Age, Kavita Nagpal, veteran Actor while praising the multimedia sound & light show - Kuka Lehar Gatha that highlighted the role of Namdhari Sikhs in the Great Revolt of 1857, has mentioned-" ..Besides installing the love of country in the Kukas, Guru Ram Singh liberated women and declared them equal to men. They accompanied the men in the battles and Namdharis fought against the British..". Indeed the show was unique.. Kavita has special mention for Amrik Gill & the music-" The music sung and composed by Namdhari musician Balwant Singh is superb in keeping with tradition of the music of Bheni sahib". A friend of SARCAJC witnessed many in the audience sobbing while & after watching this show. The young generation & women of all ages turned up in great numbers - which usually is not the case with most cultural events associated with history in the capital. Hopefully, the show will be repeated again in Delhi