Poison in our plate

The Green revolution has played the devil- indiscrimate use of pesticides, fertilizers is playing havoc on health of the mainstreet. However, this is not a matter of concern for leading TV channels in India, who are obsessed with policitical showcase. Mostly, one views nearly same set of individuals appearing on TV channels, debating on the lines of  their policitcal ideologies on political issues.

But exceptions are there. Zee Tv and ABP News have cared to take note of this menace. ABP News conducted an investigation at the main wholesale vegetable & fruit market in Delhi and found that fruits and vegetable are dipped in a dangerous chemical for ripining and colour. Imagine, ginger takes bath in hydrochloric acid, before it reaches your kitchen. Yesterday, a doctor in  ABP News had cautioned not to eat fruits and vegetable without peeling the outer cover.

However, today, the supplement of Hindi newspaper- Hindustan in Gurgaon tells the mainstreet - " Peel of fruits & vegetables save from despression and heart disease". The "Hindustan Team" refers to findings of research conducted in foreign insitutions. However, "Hindustan team" failed to take into account that these findings will not be applicable to fruits and vegetables available in India, which are dipped in harmful chemicals. Yesterday, ABP News channel tried to get a reaction from government officials, but in vain.

OUR TAKE- Remember, proper maintainance of standard for healthy vegetables and fruits has never been a election issue in India. Even fruits and vegetable sold as organic product seem dubious as they moslty dont carry any organic standard mark. The much acclaimed Mother Dairy had launched high priced organic vegetables and fruits with a lot of fanfare. SARCAJC team visited 5 mother Dairy outlets today, and found none of them were now selling them. Sources revealed that none of the organic vegetables and fruits had any mention of their origin, leaving people doubt their authenticity. They also did not carry any organic certification official mark- India Organic. The same is the story for organic vegetables and fruits being sold in Spencer Supermarket.  So, how to avoid this poison on your plate? Did you say, boycott- the Mahatma Gandhi way?



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