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Archival Extract- Cost of India’s participation in the British Empire Exhibition

Honourable Mr. Haroon Jaffer: Will the Government be pleased to state:

(a) what was the cost to the Government of India of participation in the Wembley Exhibition?

(b) what was the cost to the respective Provincial Governments:

( c) have they reconsidered their decision not to participate this year?

Honorable Mr. D. T. Chadwick: Two days ago the honorable Mr. Haroon Jaffer kindly deferred asking a question about the Wembley Exhibition. I now lay on the table the answer to that question.

(a) Figures of total actual expenditure are not yet available. The total estimated gross expenditure on the British Empire Exhibition for the three years ending 1924-25 from Central Revenue is as follows:

In England: 196,000 pounds

In India: 1,48,000 Rupees

In addition the estimated gross expenditure on account of various Railways is Rs. 3,27,000

The following recoveries have so far been made on behalf of the government of India on account of rent etc:

In India: Rs, 4,000.000

In England: 30,000 pounds

(b) The total estimated expenditure incurred by various local governments is as follows:

Madras: Rs, 3,08,500



United Provinces:3,70,000



Bihar & Orissa: 50,000

Except in the case of Madras and Bihar and Orissa the above figures represent gross expenditure and take no account of recoveries.

(c )The Honourable Member is referred to the Commerce Department Press Communiqué of 19th February on the subject , a copy of which has been supplied to him.

(Council of State. 1925)

Empire Exhibition 1925