Holi 1935

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Extracts of archival poems, articles on Holi- published in newspapers during 1935

“ Where is Holi now? Today, there is the Holi of our helplessness; of our subjection, of our slavery- the Holi which we celebrate today is not Holi but mockery. It can be celebrated only when we are free, when there are no fetters of subjection on our feet. Are we fit to hold Holi?….(Abhyudaya)

“ How can we celebrate Holi and Vasant under the subjection of those who enslave by trick and cause much trouble and industry of India, and who cast their greedy eyes on the remaining land….” (Vir)

“ Holi was the funeral prye of those who did not die to become free. How can Holi be burnt in a country which has taken up on its head the calamity of subjection, which has lost all its wealth, which has allowed itself to be deceived by the deceivers? It is not the crimson gulal but it is the red powder of the skeletons of those who have been butchered….” (Daily Pratab)