Just dropped by!
Rarely, animals and birds make it to newspaper reports. Today, Rashtriya Sahara informs army of monkeys is having a nice time in various Central Government Ministries and in fact reports that in one ministry situated in South block, monkeys have started munching on food that employees bring in their lunchboxes, not just in one room but in various rooms, during lunch break! Untrained/trained monkeys, a topic for prime time debate? Dainik Bhaskar, inform that crows have been given special training to clear garbage in France. (30/9/18).  Birds & animals trapped in concrete jungle can’t raise their voice regarding loss of ecosystem in quest for urbanization but media can. 


Most leading newspapers carry from time to time photographs of smiling “women achievers” – majority having privileged backgrounds. Click to read more

Public Representation
One full page in Dainik Jagran dwells on one single question, incidentally is the heading-”What kind of public service?” . The highlight is thoughtful- “…In recently concluded parliament session, a record has been made in terms of low legislative work.   Click to view MORE

Women in India are unsafe. SARCAJC has been raising this serious problem for long time. VIEW. The United Nations has also now raised its concern. But why publish photograph of the young girl on front page with name & religion? The leading newspaper -Times of India carried this on its front page on 13 April 2018,. Did you say, why blame just newspapers, even the leading news channels revealed her name, photograph and religion. 

Satire of Day
Santosh Trivedi has penned down a satire in Hindi daily- Dainik Jagran-”Deer unhappy over punishment to Tiger”.  MORE

PNB Loot
Most newspapers are carrying details of the government action of raids, passport suspension, post hue & cry over Nirav Modi Scam,  which is over a billion rupee. Dainik Bhaskar stand out today for its large colored cartoon on page 12, where a seeming retired bank officer in formal rags is frying pakora, behind is the logo and board of PNB. He is seem telling a small boy & man (looking surprised) - “PNB.. Meaning pakore naram banege (pakoras will be soft”. The editorial of the day has been penned down by Kalpesh Yagnik,  the  Group editor of by Dainik Bhaskar which has appeared with heading-“Nirav Modi has looted- who will imprison those who allowed him to loot? “. Kalpesh has informed the readers in details of the mess and has not minced words . Kalpesh questioned why for such a big scam (over Rs billion ) only junior  bank employees have been have been made accountable (read suspended) , while top ones have been spared.  He has criticized the audacity of the present CEO of PNB - Sunil Mehta to come in front of the media and state in relaxed manner- “Bank is able. Will not allow any loss to any investor/customer””. …He should have been suspended. Court case should have been filed against him. All public sector banks have made a cruel joke. He recounts that for Vijay Mallya scam, State Bank of India (SBI) has not even suspended even one employee, forget any going to jail. He goes on to explain how PNB fraud was executed in simple language. He holds the government responsible. And ends- “Banks are ours. …Bank loss is like our loss. Have to save.”. Not surprising, Dainik  Bhaskar claims on its masthead-”You are reading country’s most trusted and Number 1 Newspaper”. 

16 February 2018
The Indian banking lead by public sector banks is reeling under tremendous stress, thanks to lack of accountability. Apart from huge pile up of Non performing assets, now scam has emerged in lead by Punjab National Bank (PNB). Look closer to the front page headlines in newspapers scanned by us today: 
“Finding NiMo: Nirav & Kin left India by Jan 6”(Times of India)
“ËD seizes assets worth Rs.5100 cr (Financial Express)
“ED seizes Rs. 5100 crore of Nirav Modi assets(Hindu Businessline)
“Pay up, RBI tells PNB”(Business Standard)
“Ägencies seize Rs 5100 cr from Nirav Modi’s firms”(Mint)
“Rs 5100 cr assets seized in PNB case”(Hindu)
“Nirav Modi Virus spreading rapidly”(DNA)
“ËD seizes Ts 501k cr Nirav Modi assets”(Hindustan Times)
“Cong targets Modi on Nirav ‘lonk’, ED seized Rs 5k cr gems” (Asian Age)
“Alerted on scam, govt did nothing: Cong”( Tribune)
“Fraud expands: Rs 3000 cr more from 17 banks, money laundering evidence”(Indian Express)
“Raid on Nirav Modi’s 17 places, jewellery worth 5100 cr seized”(Punjab Kesari)
“Raid on Nirav Modi’s 17 places”(Hindustan)
“Raid by ED on Nirav’s places property worth 5100 cr seized”(Dabang Duniya)
“ED raids Nirav, seizes Rs 5100 cr jewellery”(Pioneer)
“PNB scam: ED seizes Rs5100 cr worth Diamonds, jewellery”(Statesman)

Hindu- “Gen of Scam”- urges for speedy investigation to resolve faith in the banking system, though also concedes- “The banker -borrower nexus has been blamed for problem in banking system for years..”
DNA- “Bank Fraud”- alleges- “It is still the tip of the iceberg”. 
Asian Age- “Is huge fraud really an aberration?” TO READ MORE along with cartoons

Double News
After Supreme Court of India declared of Triple Talaq illegal, not only the government is trying to make a law in this regard, also the Muslim Personal Law Board by addition of clause in the Nikahanama that groom will not give triple talaq. The latter news has been carried by Dainik Bhaskar, sourced from “Agency” on its  front page & the same news has also been carried on page 4, with heading - “Man will have to promise that I will not give triple talaq” (front page), “Man will have to promise in Nikahanama-  I will not give triple talaq” (page 4). The only difference in contents is that front page news carries in the end, one extra line, different highlight and a photo of protesting women! (4 February 2018)

Budget Celebrations
The annual budget cartoon celebrations have been displayed the best on front pages of non-English newspapers in the capital. Hindi newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Hindustan, Dabang Duniya and non- Hindi newspapers Eenadu, Lokmat, Sakshi are simply outstanding! (2 February 2018).?

New Year Celebrations
The celebration of new year is visible on the masthead of most newspapers in Hindi. Dainik Bhaskar outshines all by providing readers with a perfumed newspaper today! The various advertisements also greet the readers. The advertisers are varied- Pan masala, Ghee, Income Tax department, BSNL,  individuals. Though Indian Railways has place one full page advertisement with punch line- “Think Sports Think Railways” but has forgotten to greet its readers - happy new year. Advertisements by hefty NPA ridden public sector banks  have also made an appearance  like Ad by Canara Bank  in Times of India Bank, it  highlights- “We feel elated… with Canara …!!” Wow, who is we? The advertisement by Allahabad Bank in Dainik Jagran highlights its heritage. The largest public sector Bank- State Bank of India seems to have forgotten to greet its customers, though has placed an advertisement in Dainik Jagran for possession of NPA ridden property. Taking about financial education for the main street, Nilanjana Chakraborty & Anirban Bora in Times of India have presented a story - “Don’t let friends take you for a ride”. This illustrated comic reminds of Panchtantra Tales in the Äge of Turbulence dominated with greed. Not to be missed on the new year! (1 January 2018)?


Helpless :Air Pollution ?
The leading Indian TV channels have raised the issue of Air Pollution with conviction. Though majority of the reporters were reporting without any masks.  Read MORE

Cant breath?
Public Health Emergency has been declared in Delhi/NCR, thanks to air pollution reaching AQI 500- 700. This lead, the politics obsessed leading television channels turning their  focus on severe air pollution in Delhi/NCR.  READ MORE

Happy Elders Day, everyday?
Zee TV in prime time DNA, today (1October 2019) remembered International Elders Day. Examples of Amitabh Bachchan and others who are achievers even in their old age was given. It was mentioned  that 26 % youth have aggressive behaviour towards elders. READ MORE

Poison in our plate
The Green revolution has played the devil- indiscrimate use of pesticides, fertilizers is playing havoc on health of the mainstreet. .MORE

Cartoon inspired Political Advertisement
During this election season, BJP is running animated cartoon advertisements in leading channels- cricket match, football match, caricatured political opponents, funny audio...unlike descriptive conventional political advertisements! Will these ads win votes, only time will tell!

Election Fever
The television channels are concentrating on General Elections- interviews, debates, coverage of political rallies, candidates, cities. The list is endless, politically! The political parties are also trying to show their presence through repeated telecast of their advertisements. However the pitch of daily debates is rising. Tag line of ads of two major political parties BJP and Congress have a different thrust. BJP advertisements is- “ Phir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar” (Once more Modi Government), while tag tile of Congress Advertisement is “ Ab Hoga Naya” (Now justice will be done).  Which is better, wait till 23 May 2019!

HOli CeleBratiOns
The fun associated with annual Holi festival was clearly visible in all Hindi News channels. The studios, anchors were soaked in holi colour. The programmes- songs (folk, bollywood), dances, poet's meets filled with fun- fully . hOLI is the only day when so many folk songs are carried by Hindi news channels. Today, leading folk song artist- Ms. Mailini Awasthi dominated  in so many channels, specially her performance at Republic Bharat. As day got over, folk songs by Ms Sunanda Sharma in  APN news channel at midnight were indeed welcome. Majority of friends of SARCAJC felt her songs were real treat on Holi. One her songs were-" Let's go to Kanniya's house to play holi" . dO VIEW SATIRE IN NEWSPAPER CARRYING SUCH LINES IN 1905. After around one hour folk songs, APN news programme-" Khabar Acchi Hai" (News are good) informed about positive news on Holi day. The number one news was celebration of holi by widows in Vrindavan. Indeed positive. (21 March 2019)

​Blowing in the Wind

It is not often one comes across criticism of media by media persons. On 16 February 2019, well known anchor- Subhir Chaudhary of Zee News, at 10:20 pm criticized newspapers that had published photograph of  terrorist on their front page....MORE

Agrarian Distress, Come Organic!
Yesterday, Lok Sabha TV, (TV related to Indian parliament) devoted an hour to ponder over agrarian distress. This issue has made it to television space .... MORE

Sustainable Development
Ever increasing air pollution has made it persistently to the front page of leading newspapers. Today, Hindustan Times highlight on front page about much celebrated cybercity- Gurgaon- “cost of living with pollution: report says PM2.5 exposure lowers lifespan by 9 yrs”.. MORE

Oh AIR.. MORE                                                                                                               Bollywood  TRP. read MORE

Strengthening Democracy, Governance & Accountability


There is conspiracy against SARCAJC

Extracts from the Presidential address at All India Newspaper Editor’s Conference.1947

..The Press in India is now adjusting itself to a complete transformation of scene. Does it not seem but yesterday when we were engaged in grimly fighting the battle of National Herald and Harijan with little hope of stable success? Today, National Herald is digging its toes under ideal conditions of popularity, prestige and security and Harijan is in need of ever-increasing supplies of paper for its expanding circulation..MORE



 South Asia (read India) SAFE for female Founders of independent media? No.

Still I am stuck up here in India, facing death threats, still writing about the welfare of mainsteet. One of my childhood friend cheeckly asked me be concern about my and  my old mother (retired Professor from Delhi Univeristy)'s welfare and indirectly hinted to leave India to a safe country- where Press Freedom could be higher and wome are not killed like in India.

According to INTUTE- “South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC) is South Asia's first study centre for research into the history and political importance of cartoons, political satire, advertisements and journalism..”. 

Jawaharlal Nehru On Indian Press:

The Press if it wants freedom - which is ought to have must have some balance of mind which is seldom possesses. One cannot have it both ways. Evert freedom in this world is limited, limited not so much by law as by circumstances. We do not wish to come in the way of freedom of the Press. Personally, I am convinced of the freedom of the Press.... More


A world without any surveiilance or any spying? Still spying is being done on journalist (Google rejects my identity of SARCAJC founder (had ILLEGALLY copied SARCAJC), gOOGLE  guards tries to teach me how to take an 'polite' interview by abusing me. Rejects founders- SARCAJC identity.


Read contents of a practical suggestion by founder of SARCAJC- P.Parmita sent to Prime Minister of India- Mr Narendra. Modi on 1/1/2018: NO ACTION has been TAKEN by Government of India. 

WHAT SOCIAL PROTECTION/ Development WILL the INDIAN DELEGATES DISCUSS at ILO? Politician like Rahul Gandhi, corporate lawyer like Anant Haksar are seen at the ILO home page. Oh! By, the way, are they making a difference?  What does history tell- 1984 riots, corruption of political class and associates? AND, not surprising, I have still not received my invite as journalist even to report ILO Conference (read ask questions)!I am sure asking questions from outside Geneva is not a big TASK- ILO.



Asking Google questions should not be hinderance to their security guards posted outside their Big two buildings at Sukhrali village, Gurgaon Haryana. india. According  to the security gurads at Google, I should reveal all question in writing to them, only after reading them they will decide whether I am accredited to ask those Qs to any Press Communication officer (read eveln a peon/rep). Sttange are the rules! I wonder what is Google's relationship with  Meghnad Desai, Ambanis, Rahul Gandhi,Arnab Goswami, Rubika Liyatak Ali, Rahul Kaval, Suhasini Haiders, Ajeet Doval, Veenet, Jains, Mrinal Pandes, Rohini Pandes, Rohan Gandhi, Sangeeta Kisan, Moira Mitra, Ranu Ghose, Nirmala Sita-RAM-AN, Ranu Ghose, S. N Ghose, Kusum Parthe, Ritu Sharma (whose mother has appeared as a Prof of Gender Studiens at LSE), ANuradha Kishore, Avantika Haksar, Anant Haksar, Ajay Bhalla, Chandrachoor, Nusrat Shafiq, Unmish Parthsarthy (Doogle appeared), Sengupta (doogle appeared), Soha Pautadi (Doogle appeared), Neha Dupia, Deepika Padukon, Mishra, Rani Mukerjee, Mark Z, Parisilla Z, Jack Dorsy, Roopa Ganguli, Praggya Das, Ashish Das, Gaurav Kisan, Daine Shaw, Sarah Ashwin, John Kelly, Mallika Ahulwalia, Meenakshi Lekdhi, Justin T, Justin B, Nemat Shafik from Columbia University. And who the hell is -" Pragya Brin"? Should I this as Right to Freedom Act United Kingdom to LSE or Google? You'll be surprised I sent email to PM of UK, Speaker of House of Commons, Speaker of house of Lords to put pressure on GOI to stop surveillance but in VAIN.



-------- Original Message --------

Subject: At GREAT RISK- cartoonist
Date: 2023-12-10 15:52
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: Contact <contact@charliehebdo.fr>

this cartoon as made my my late father Mr C K Sharma, on the abusive Indian politicians hurdling abuses. Remember majority are rapist having criminal record. Was this the reason I despite his death on 7 Aug 2020, the Government of India has not even issued his death certificate and on my complaining to even Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi, I am getting mocked by loud speaker on roads of Gurgaon and even in my home.

I fear for MY life but the GOI has issued instructions that I cannot even meet any embassy staff, not even French Embassy to seek political asylum. The same happened when I personally visited British High Commission, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi.

Indeed I as cartoonist am at GREATEST RISK. Here  Indians are all poweful even dictating the French Embassy Diplomats.

Kind Regards

Ms Pragya Parmita

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Subject: cartoonist at RISK
Date: 2023-12-10 15:43
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: Contact <contact@charliehebdo.fr>
Reply-To: p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk

ME as cartoonist at RISK

        view sarcajc gallery


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Subject: MY life under greatest threat
Date: 2024-01-02 01:00
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: rishi.sunak.mp@parliament.uk
Reply-To: p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk


Mr Prime Minister,

Please respond as Prime Minister of United Kingdom as my life is at greatest threat and I am a British educated student from no less than London School of Economics & Political Science.

The 24 hours abuse, threats is still going on with Mr Ajeet Doval NSA himself taking lead with Rahul Gandhi, Maureen Wadia, Mukesh Ambani. The electronic torture going on for the last 3 years - worst to worst sort is direct revenge by Indian PM - Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi and other politicans who are responsible for the mess of Non Performing Assets in Indian public Sector Banks- the book that I have written and completed during month of Janu 2020. The Finaance Minister- Nirmala Sitaraman , Narendra Modi are personally even burrning my organs including brain,eyes even during my ride in metro train, even in my home. Not to forget the abuse on loudspeaker by them even on metro stations and metro train compartments and in my home by high frequency audio.

I again request you to personally intervene as PM of United Kingdom and put an IMMEDIATE end to this torture that I am facing.

Please note that they are also misusing the AI technology to show me real images of world leaders like Mr. Justin Troudeau, Mr. Imran Khan.

I again request for your immediate intervention for my safety as I have been facing so many gangrape, rape and death threats - ourside my home and even inside my home.

As I write, vulgur cheap words are bring thrown in my home.

Please ensure my safety.


Ms. Pragya Parmita


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Subject: Fwd: MY life under threat
Date: 2023-12-19 15:17
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: rishi.sunak.mp@parliament.uk
Cc: Woodcocka <woodcocka@parliament.uk>
Reply-To: p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Fwd: MY life under threat
Date: 2023-12-19 15:10
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: Woodcocka <woodcocka@parliament.uk>
Reply-To: p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk

 Very Important

 Respected Lord McFall of Alcluith Sir,

I am former student from London School of Economics & Political Science, MSc Industrial Relations & Personeel Management.1995-96. Former student ffrom Vrije Univerity Brussles. Brussles. Belgioum MSC Ecotechnie. Therefore I am seeking help from you in exceptional circumstances as here in India there is no one approachable.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I hope you can find some time from your valuable time to please respond to this email and the enclosed most important issue that I have raised as a whistelblower- which is making my life under greatest RISK. Gone are the days when complaints from former students were taken seriously by academics at LSE, so much so change as LSE dissociated itself from Univeristy of London. I have received no respoinse from Prof Shapiro, Prof Ashwin nor Prof Lee.I am still hearing vulgur words from Lord Desai Rahul Gandhi, Ajeet Doval, Kiswar Desai at the back of my own home as I write this email to you. 

I would also like bring to your notice that this years Noble Peace Award Winners seems to be fake. How can Chloe Wojin and Benji Wojin were born to their Dad Sergey Brin and their mom Anne Wojcicki who were a couple for almost a decade, receceive this award with FAKE name for someone called Narges Momammadi? ABSURD SCANDAL as I have been hearing Indian Finance Minister- Nirmala Sitaraman me - Pragya Brin, Pugga Brin, Dust Bin, widown of Serge Brin. Nirmala Sitaraman, Smiti Irani, Narendra Modi are taking PERSONAL REVENGE against me by DEFAMING ME PUBLICLY reasons I have listed on website of www. sarcajc.com. MY investigation of public sector banks has NOT beek like by the Indian politicians, paid out Indian news media in India as well as other intersted parties under lense of ministry of Finance. 

My entire home as well as my thoughts are under greatest surveillance  (grossest body, mind scan) . Please look at my website- www.sarcajc.com

I fear for my life and my mother life- even in my home. my computer is also under the lens of security forces here as I write. Even the diplomatic mission of Britain in India have been Modi's influence, cant seek help there.

Penal Action must be taken against Lord Megnad Desai, member of House of Lords.

And please put pressure on Indian Government to put END to this torture on my & my mother's LIFE.

Kind Regards.

Miss Pragya Parmita

Enclosed- copy of my unpublished manuscript- Non Performing assets in Public Sector Banks- disliked by Indian political class and many others like mainsteet media- on payrolls of Indian politicians.


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Subject: MY life under threat
Date: 2023-11-29 20:38
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: J a coyle shapiro <j.a.coyle-shapiro@lse.ac.uk>
Reply-To: p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk, Directorate sar <directorate.sar@lse.ac.uk>, M d smith2 <m.d.smith2@lse.ac.uk>, H lee <h.lee@lse.ac.uk>


Meghnad desai. now he with many others like the Amabanis, Wadias, Tatas, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Meenakshi Lehki, Nirmala Sitaraman,  Ajit Doval are giving me to death threats, rape threat. This Man Megnad Desai along with others is indulging  in criminal offence as he is against the contents of my investigative research on Indian Banks- he along with Indian Finance Minister (read entire Indian parlimentarians) are in favour of only 5-6 Indian banks. The Non Performing assets of these banks have accumulated to tremendous proportion with my book that was sent to to you.

How is it the Megand Desai's own daughter has become faculty member of LSE with a false name, why Avantika Haksar has got a fellowship with a false name of Niharika Pandita? And I have not received fellowship (Experts at Risk) nor any faulty post at LSE which I applied? Even the British High Commissoner in Inda has been instructed by GOI not to meet me- I went to his office twice- denied even acress by phone.

As I write I am being threated.

MY LIFE IS UNDER GREATEST THREAT. Can u arrange to evaculate me from these threats? How to go toi UK when I have been threated by death and rape threats. According to Ajeet Doval, these threats will follow me where even I go and will kill me.

I want political asylum, how to get when I dont have even access to British High Commissoner office? And U are not sending me those appoitment letter and emergency visa from Home Office, UK?

I though LSE stood for protection of Human Rights, intellectual rights rather than destruction? The Pyshcological contract with my home institution is under real threat NOW, I wonder as teacher of OD, would this email be just a laughable joke for you and other faculty members of your clan? (read next presentation of Confict T group discussions at Beaver Cafe)?

If anything bad happends to me, you all will be personally responsible.

Pragya Parmita


-------- Original Message --------

Date: 2023-02-07 15:48
From: "DESAI, Lord" <DESAIM@parliament.uk>
To: 'Parmita' <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>


DearMs Parmita,

Neither I nor my wife have ever known about you, mentioned your name or done any "research" on you. There has been some misunderstanding.

Meghnad Desai


From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
Sent: 07 February 2023 14:10
To: DESAI, Lord <DESAIM@parliament.uk>
Cc: Kishwardesai <kishwardesai@gmail.com>; A beauregard <a.beauregard@bbk.ac.uk>
Subject: Fwd: RESEARCH
Importance: High


Lord Desai,

I am bring to your notice the enclosed emails that I had sent to your wife, which for reasons best known have remained unanswered by her.  Are you both in India, where are you both staying in India?

Please forward to her to respond.


Pragya Parmitqa

-------- Original Message --------

Subject:Fwd: RESEARCH

Date:2023-01-26 07:38

From:Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>

To:Kishwardesai <kishwardesai@gmail.com>


Respected Mrs Desai,



Kind Regards.

Pragya Parmita

-------- Original Message --------

Subject:Fwd: RESEARCH

Date:2023-01-18 18:46

From:Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>

To:Kishwardesai <kishwardesai@gmail.com>

Mr & Mrs Lord Meghnad Desai,

I have been hearing your voice and your connection with somekind of social research based with collaboration with Minister of Finance- Ms Nirmala Sitaraman where you three and others are often heard throwing most disguisting suggestions in the name of - "Think Reseach" on my life and my family. Somehow, this is rather strange as the thoughts of my mind seem to be heard by you as you are heard repeating some of them and adding on vulgur words from your end. I fail to understand in this modern era ' think research' on a former student of London School of Economics & Political Science can be done without my written consent. It seems for last month even other Indians like Ambanis have also joined in your team which includes Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rohan Gandhi, Acharya Balkrishna, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Jitendra Singh (MOS at Prime Ministers office), Subramanium Swami, Suhasini Haider, Arnab Goswami & his staff from TV, Bollywood stars and others.

Please MOST URGENTLY inform whether above is true or not. If yes, please immediately put an end and send me the research report by email to the same email address.

Thanks & Regards,

Pragya Parmita


-------- Original Message --------

Date:2023-01-16 16:39
From:Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To:Kishwardesai <kishwardesai@gmail.com>

I have heard you are involved in some kind of research based in India? What are the details, I hope you have the consent of conducting any clinical research. Does this involve staff/ teachers from London School of Economics & Political Science (say Prof John Kelly, Prof Shaipro, Prof M. Shafiq)?

I would be grateful if you could share the details of the research. If you are in India, I would like to meet you at my residence - 40 Arjun Marg, Gurgaon, Haryana. India.



Pragya Parmita



-------- Original Message --------

Subject:please respond very urgently
Date:2022-11-01 01:49
From:Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To:Kishwardesai <kishwardesai@gmail.com>



-------- Original Message --------

Subject:Your visit to India
Date:2022-10-29 00:20
From:Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
Cc:J a coyle shapiro <j.a.coyle-shapiro@lse.ac.uk>

 Please let me know urgently the reason for your visit to India, as I often hear your own voice narrating your novels on Arjun Marg Road and somehow some connection someone called Mr Serge Brin. Please let me who is this Mr Serge Brin, his email number, address in India or wher-eever he is living. What is his connection with me and your connection with me.


Pragya Parmita

An Investigation : Merger of Indian Banks
The merger of largest government controlled bank in India- SBI with other 5 banks has taken place and the data reveals it has NOT been successful. Unlike enthusiastic lead economists, media, SARCAJC had raised serious apprehension.  To Read

What is POLICY?

Extracts from Oudh Punch 1870s

Building Castles in the air; the pretense of conferring a favour upon another while promoting one’s own interest; smearing one’s body with blood & representing oneself as having fought in a religious war (i.e. to try to acquire fame by merely pretending to have taken a part in a good action); an ultimate clamour....More




Sarcajc Research in Journalism Advertisement & Cartoon 

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Indian Railway

Hindustan Times, today informs, Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) SK Pathak has given a clean chit to railways for accident that took place on 19 October. ..READ MORE

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Subject: most important
Date: 2024-04-19 02:54
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: Larry page <larry.page@google.com>
Reply-To: p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk

Are you anyway related to me as I have heard many rumours about you and Serge Brin?I saw u yesterday also, in front of my home.

Please respond at once by return email, as this information is VERY IMPORTANT.


Ms. Pragya Parmita


Channel Watch-Tracking (monitoring?) Television, Radio channels in India

South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC)  is first Independent Research Centre in South Asia which undertakes media monitoring in the neglected area of cartoons, advertisements. We study, research, promote, acquire and preserve cartoons, advertisement in Newspapers, Journals, and Magazines that constitute rich cultural heritage of this vast region.Aim for news archives & museum

    India Scares, where to GO?

Recommended- Humourous story with cartoon on Demonetisation. To view click

Only general awareness
An advertisement informs- “AMR- matlab antibiotics ka beasar ho jaana” This ad in English daily- Times of India (4 February 2019), has used Hindi words to educate the main street. The small fonts at the bottom of this ad reads- “Information contained herein is for general awareness and is not meant to substitute medical advice. Always consult your general physician for any questions or advice regarding a medical condition” A friend of SARCAJC has raised a pertinent question- what about the doctors who prescribe overuse of antibiotics? There is not a word of caution to erring doctors, not a word where to complaint about them. Interestingly, this advertisement has been published by Indian Council for medical Research (ICMR) & Pfizer, a multinational that sells antibiotics. This there any conflict of interest, you decide!

Fake News Celebrations

The fun festival of Holi has led a newspapers in Hindi- Navbharat Times devoting its front page to fake fun news! (21 March 2019). View cartoons on fake news celebration, made by Sarcajc's CartoOnisTs, VIEW

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Subject: Fwd: Re: RESEARCH
Date: 2023-11-29 06:03
From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
To: A beauregard <a.beauregard@bbk.ac.uk>
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Do inform email address of Prof John Kelly, Prof Patrice Rosethal.


Pragya Parmita


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Subject: Re: RESEARCH
Date: 2023-01-17 10:09
From: "Alexandra Beauregard (Staff)" <a.beauregard@bbk.ac.uk>
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Dear Pragya,

I think you've been misinformed – I am not involved in any research taking place in India.

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 From: Parmita <p.parmita@alumni.lse.ac.uk>
Date: Monday, 16 January 2023 at 16:34
To: Alexandra Beauregard (Staff) <a.beauregard@bbk.ac.uk>

Hi Alex,

I have heard you are involved in some kind of research based in India? What are the details, I hope you have the consent of conducting any clinical research. Does this involve staff/ teachers from London School of Economics & Political Science (say Prof John Kelly, Prof Shaipro, Prof M. Shafiq and others)? Please let me know the full and complete details including the research studies already published in various research journals. Does this also include the contributions by Prof Meghnad Desai, his wife- Kishwar Desai in your research design and methodology?

Are you in touch with other ex colleagues at LSE also?



Pragya Parmita


Pragya Parmita UNDER ATTACK since last 3 years

My latest book (The Smell of NPA) that is related to the  problem of organisational culture which has plagued the Indian public sector banks and has lead to formation of Non performing Assets (NPAs) has made lots of enemies. Let me state that  during writing this book I have suffered a lot including my mother as the truth in this book has not been very pleasant to the political class in India as all major political parties have been responsible for the mess they have created (read- Congress party (I) lead by Sonia gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and BJP (lead by Narendra Modi). They have created mockory of governance against me since 2016 (time during I starting writing my book on Non performing assets in public sector banks in India) and also starting seeking information under Right to Information Act 2005 from various Ministries of the Government of India, Banks and Reserve Bank of India. I have eleborated the threats in the forward of the preface of the book, which has got worse after I sent copy of my book to Prof Shapiro at London School of Economics & Political Science.

Since I emailed  (21 July 2021) to the Minister at PMO _ Mr Jitendra Singh, copy to Senior Advisor (Mr P.K Mishra) to the Indian Prime Minister regarding the delay in issurance of death certificate of my late father0 Mr Chandra Kumar Sharma (died on 8 August 2020), I have been subjected to worse conditions than a prisoner would have felt in a prisoner in a jail where human rights abuse is the norm- so much tall talk about life with dignity. Of course human rights record of the Indian government is so pathetic that Right wing  PM of India - Mr Narandra Modi was accused of inciting communal violence in Gujarat when he was the chief Minister of the State of Gujarat and consequently was refused even Visa by America, given his human rights record. However, the same Americans seem to have lost their way, as they are supporting the same Narendra Modi. Compaint sent but ignored by Kangana hate speakers (read doctors hub, Mero train).First hand account but cannot complaint.

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As I handed over 2 pages of complaint letter to the reception assistant, I was shocked to see Rahul Gandhi, who was abusive. Even the staff of British Council was very abusive.

Self regulation working?

Hindu has reported-“Set up mechanism to hear plaints about TV content: SC”. The legal corresponded informed-“The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government to set up, streamline and publicise a complaint redressal mechanism…to deal with citizen’s complaints about content telecast or aired by private TV channels and radio..”. The para four of this news report carries a quote by the bench of Supreme Court-”We cannot ask the (the Centre) to monitor the content of the channels. How can we do that? ..” While Times of India’s Dhananjay Mahapatra has highlighted-”SC: Set up body to look into complaints against channels”. (13 January 2017).

SARCAJC is independently monitoring!

Type your paragraph here.

You will be shocked that they have not given death certificate of my father. It seems Mr Jitendra Singh,  does not read email from commerner like me.

Mahatma Gandhi on Advertisements:

I hold that it is wrong to conduct newspapers by the aid of...immortal advertisements, I do believe that if advertisements should be taken at all there should be a rigid censorship instituted by newspaper proprietors and editors themselves and that only healthy advertisements should be taken...More