SARCAJC's cartoonist made this toon 2 years back when Indian President made a statement about Gender Equality

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Mount Everest in Antarctica
New geography in making - Mount Everest in Antarctica, courtesy Navbharat Times! Today Navbharat Times (4 January 2019) on page 14 has carried a news by Ravi Prakash R from Lucknow with the heading –“Arunima on top of highest peak of Antarctica”. It indeed is a remarkable achievement, even more so, she accomplished with an artificial leg. First, Ravi informs that Arunima hoisted Indian flag on Antarctica’s highest peak- Mount Vinson. However, read on, Ravi informs that according to information from her twitter account she has scaled “Antarctica’s highest peak Mount Everest”.  On the contrary, Arunima’s Twitter had announced - “The wait is over we are glad to share with you The World record World's 1st woman amputee who climbed Mount Vinson (highest peak of Antarctica) has become to the name of our country India. Thank's to all for their blessings and pray Jai Hind”. PM Modi on Twitter has also “congratulates 'pride of India' Arunima Sinha for being 1st woman amputee to climb Antarctica's highest peak Mt Vinson..”. Wow, every highest peak is not Mount Everest!

Native Vs English Newspaper

The pre independent India saw curbs on native press under the colonial rule. The friction between the English press & the native press was evident.  ...MORE

Space Cartoons & Mars Movie
It is not often that an actor brings forward the important role that cartoons play. Bollywood actor - Akshay Kumar during an interview... MORE

Chronic Delhi Air pollution has reached the front page with cosmic measures. Pollution is not new to this part of the world, with sustainable development a lost word. SARCAJC's cartoonists had taken on  this problem last year.

Dance Quiz
Tribune has published two photographs of dancers under common heading- “Experience Maharashtra at Surajkund”. Under this is a line- “Maharashtra is the 17 day Surajkund mela, which began in Faridabad on Friday”. (2 February 2019). We’ll leave it to the readers to figure out in which part of Indian state of Maharashtra this dance is performed!

 "Yes, I am going to Jail"
Devaki Jain's article- " Gandhi’s seemingly freakish khadi experiments embodied a clear economic vision: Of ‘bubble up’ not ‘trickle down’ growth" in today's (1 October 2019) in Times of India  also remembered her monther-in-law- Mrs Chameli Devi Jain- a true Gandhian indeed.The newspaper highlighted in text box-" When Chameli Devi walked out of the house with her husband. READ

Monitoring Print Media: Tracking Newspapers in India

Air Pollution

Delhi/NCR has been reeling under the spell of Acute Air Pollution after the departure  of few spell of rain & wind. Today, when Delhi saw AQI level  500-700,  Public Health Emergency has finally been declared. However, the measures declared are not really reflecting any emergency.  Read MORE

Archival Treasures on 2 October 2018, birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

CURB BLACK MONEY: PROTECT VULNERABLE- ELDERLY & SINGLE WOMEN. Read contents of a practical suggestion by founder of SARCAJC- P.Parmita sent to Prime Minister of India- Mr Narendra. Modi on 1/1/2018:

From SARCAJC's cartoonist:

Hey, blackbuck is listening!




An Investigation : Merger of Indian Banks
The merger of largest government controlled bank in India- SBI with other 5 banks has taken place and the data reveals it has NOT been successful. Unlike enthusiastic lead economists, media, SARCAJC had raised serious apprehension.  To Read

Self regulation working?

Hindu has reported-“Set up mechanism to hear plaints about TV content: SC”. The legal corresponded informed-“The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government to set up, streamline and publicise a complaint redressal mechanism…to deal with citizen’s complaints about content telecast or aired by private TV channels and radio..”. The para four of this news report carries a quote by the bench of Supreme Court-”We cannot ask the (the Centre) to monitor the content of the channels. How can we do that? ..” While Times of India’s Dhananjay Mahapatra has highlighted-”SC: Set up body to look into complaints against channels”. (13 January 2017).

SARCAJC is independently monitoring!


.. Many elderly friends of SARCAJC complaint that though educated, well off, they are getting a raw deal in the society, corruption, misbehaviour.. list will be explored in coming days by Team SARCAJC. ..The following suggestion by founder of SARCAJC- P.Parmita was sent to Prime Minister of India- Mr Narendra. Modi on 1/1/2018-  DETAILS

What is POLICY?

Extracts from Oudh Punch 1870s

Building Castles in the air; the pretense of conferring a favour upon another while promoting one’s own interest; smearing one’s body with blood & representing oneself as having fought in a religious war (i.e. to try to acquire fame by merely pretending to have taken a part in a good action); an ultimate clamour....More

Agrarian crisis- Organic solution

Organic food is rare expensive commodity in India for the mainstreet, who eats vegetables & fruits laced with pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers. Health is going for a toss- is no secret.  READ

Indian Election Announcement

Yesterday, Election Commission of India had announced the dates for Elections. This news has been highlighted today by all newspapers. ..MORE

Election Watch

The newspapers are soaked in the ongoing General Election in India. The advertisements by political parties, features, interviews, reports are clearly being witnessed during this election season.  The series of advertisements by Election Commission reminded the voters not to get carried away by freebies.  However, the cartoons still have not been given prominent space on the front page of almost all leading newspapers. With the election results due on 23 May 2019, will cartoonists get a nod from their editor to feature their lines on the front page? Keep guessing! View some cartoons made by SARCAJC's cartoonist.

        view sarcajc gallery

Helpless :Air Pollution ?
The leading Indian TV channels have raised the issue of Air Pollution with conviction. Though majority of the reporters were reporting without any masks. On 2 November 2019, ABP News at 9:30 am highlighted #Pollutionkills. Zee News at 10:12 am directed-" Dont go to Delhi, leave Delhi". Aditi of Zee News conceded that she was feeling helpless for herself as well as for viewers. Read MORE

Cant breath?
Public Health Emergency has been declared in Delhi/NCR, thanks to air pollution reaching AQI 500- 700. This lead, the politics obsessed leading television channels turning their  focus on severe air pollution in Delhi/NCR. Times Now at Newshour (prime time debate) at 9pm with  #Delhi Bachao (save Delhi), highlighted- "Even Lahore & Dhaka are better". Republic TV on Prime Time also devoted slot on air pollution with #DelhiAirEmergency. Shivani Gupta, in her opening remarks highlighted  that no solution seems visible to tackle pollution, politicians are playing blame game. Mimansa Malik in Zee News at prime time highlighted. READ MORE

Happy Elders Day, everyday?
Zee TV in prime time DNA, today (1October 2019) remembered International Elders Day. Examples of Amitabh Bachchan and others who are achievers even in their old age was given. It was mentioned  that 26 % youth have aggressive behaviour towards elders. The programme ended by calling the elders to start their life afresh. But how to remain upbeat, given the non-conductive environment around them?  A random survey of 460 elders  by Team SARCAJC  revealed that 89% of elders feel the society had no respect for elders. Further, 89% of elders felt the society abuses elders. Majority of elders surveys conceded that disrespect for elders started gathering momentum since last few years. It is not loneliness that bothers but helpless that the system does not come to their aid when abused/ill-treated. READ MORE

Poison in our plate
The Green revolution has played the devil- indiscrimate use of pesticides, fertilizers is playing havoc on health of the mainstreet. However, this is not a matter of concern for leading TV channels in India, who are obsessed with policitical showcase. Mostly, one views nearly same set of individuals appearing on TV channels, debating on the lines of  their policitcal ideologies on political issues. But exceptions are there. Zee Tv and ABP News have cared to take note of this menace....MORE

Cartoon inspired Political Advertisement
During this election season, BJP is running animated cartoon advertisements in leading channels- cricket match, football match, caricatured political opponents, funny audio...unlike descriptive conventional political advertisements! Will these ads win votes, only time will tell!

Election Fever
The television channels are concentrating on General Elections- interviews, debates, coverage of political rallies, candidates, cities. The list is endless, politically! The political parties are also trying to show their presence through repeated telecast of their advertisements. However the pitch of daily debates is rising. Tag line of ads of two major political parties BJP and Congress have a different thrust. BJP advertisements is- “ Phir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar” (Once more Modi Government), while tag tile of Congress Advertisement is “ Ab Hoga Naya” (Now justice will be done).  Which is better, wait till 23 May 2019!

HOli CeleBratiOns
The fun associated with annual Holi festival was clearly visible in all Hindi News channels. The studios, anchors were soaked in holi colour. The programmes- songs (folk, bollywood), dances, poet's meets filled with fun- fully . hOLI is the only day when so many folk songs are carried by Hindi news channels. Today, leading folk song artist- Ms. Mailini Awasthi dominated  in so many channels, specially her performance at Republic Bharat. As day got over, folk songs by Ms Sunanda Sharma in  APN news channel at midnight were indeed welcome. Majority of friends of SARCAJC felt her songs were real treat on Holi. One her songs were-" Let's go to Kanniya's house to play holi" . dO VIEW SATIRE IN NEWSPAPER CARRYING SUCH LINES IN 1905. After around one hour folk songs, APN news programme-" Khabar Acchi Hai" (News are good) informed about positive news on Holi day. The number one news was celebration of holi by widows in Vrindavan. Indeed positive. (21 March 2019)

​Blowing in the Wind

It is not often one comes across criticism of media by media persons. On 16 February 2019, well known anchor- Subhir Chaudhary of Zee News, at 10:20 pm criticized newspapers that had published photograph of  terrorist on their front page....MORE

Agrarian Distress, Come Organic!
Yesterday, Lok Sabha TV, (TV related to Indian parliament) devoted an hour to ponder over agrarian distress. This issue has made it to television space .... MORE

Sustainable Development
Ever increasing air pollution has made it persistently to the front page of leading newspapers. Today, Hindustan Times highlight on front page about much celebrated cybercity- Gurgaon- “cost of living with pollution: report says PM2.5 exposure lowers lifespan by 9 yrs”.. MORE

Oh AIR.. MORE                                                                                                               Bollywood  TRP. read MORE

Mahatma Gandhi on Advertisements:

I hold that it is wrong to conduct newspapers by the aid of...immortal advertisements, I do believe that if advertisements should be taken at all there should be a rigid censorship instituted by newspaper proprietors and editors themselves and that only healthy advertisements should be taken...More

Strengthening Democracy, Governance & Accountability

Rajendra PrasadJawaharlal Nehru remember Mahatma Gandhi

"Yes, I am going to Jail"
Mrs Chameli Devi Jain- was a true Gandhian, who contributed to Indian Freedom struggle. To know more about Mrs Chameli Devi Jain, you need to go back 29 years and read an article  written by SARCAJC's President- Prof Pramila Sharma . A must to read.-" Yes, I am going to Jail". Saptahik Hindustan. 20 January 1991.. READ

Cartoon Tradition
The legendary London Punch had  influenced many native Punches in India. South Asians even under colonial rule were playing with Humour, satire and cartoons! Prof Pramila Sharma had penned down an article in Hindustan Times decades back- 1991, entitled "Punching Punch". READ

Gandhian Thought
Special Correspondent of Hindustan (10 November 2018) informs that on occasion of 150th birth celebrations, annual International Trade Fair 2018 in Delhi will bear Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts and will focus on cleanliness message, Khadi promotion and Gandhian village. This year's theme is rural enterprise. What was Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts on development of villages? Prof Pramila Sharma had penned down this way back in 1994. READ

Gandhian Thought
A must to read- “Did Gandhi wanted to make such kind of public representatives”. This article was written down by SARCAJC’s President- Prof Pramila Sharma in Rashtriya Sahara, a newspaper in Hindi, way back, 18 September 1994. READ

In Flanders’s Field
On the occasion of the royal visit of  honorable King & Queen of Belgium in India, Manimugha Sharma informs on page 5 in  Times of India  “Belgian buglers to sound clarion call on honour India’s WWI role”  at India Gate in New Delhi. (7 November 2017) Indeed,  thousands of Indian soldiers lost their lives during the first world war.  The Belgians remember them every evening at Menin Gate. But how many Indians have really remembered their contribution?  SARCAJC’s President- Prof Pramila Sharma had paid her tributes, two decades back . Do read her article- “Why no tribute of flowers! ” . READ

Historical Saharanpur
Sandeep Rai reports in Times of India-”ASI gets full control of fort after 149 years, jail likely to be shifted”. From Meerut, he informs that -”Exactly 149 years after Rohilla Fort was converted into a prison, the Saharanpur district jail is all set to ‘fall’ into the hands of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). (Historically speaking, Saharanpur has been rich in its cultural heritage. Do READ an article by /SARCAJC‘s President, few decades ago - Saharanpur-rich with culture.​

Queen Victoria
The movie - Victoria & Abul has come during the year when former British Raj colonies in South Asia are celebrating 70th year of Indian Independence from Great Britain. Indeed, Queen Victoria had a special place in establishment of British Raj. SARCAJC’s  President- Prof Pramila Sharma had penned down this article - Victoria’s Munshi in Sahitya Amrit, Magazine in Hindi, March 1997, much before any one dwelt on this here! READ

Problem of Unemployment

The problem of Unemployment is not new. Read an article by our founder- Pragya Parmita, relevant even today, after 2 decades. READ

JOURNALISM IN INDIA- read an article from Benares Magazine- Feb 1849. "Peculiarities of Indian Society".READ

Ayodhya Dispute

Archival Research Article by Prof Pramila Sharma published  27 years ago, provides  evidence & solution to solve the Ayodhya Dispute. Research Article by Prof Pramila Sharma (two parts)on Solution to Ayodhya Dispute in light of Baburnama and Poetry of Tulsidas, published 27 years go.READ

Was Babur a Mughal? Reference Baburnama
Read this Archival Research Article by Prof Pramila Sharma published  27 years ago. READ

From SARCAJC's cartoonist

Education best!

Holi with King (1905) SATIRE

Shivshambu Sharma was enjoying the comfort of his bed after consuming fulfilling orange juice mixed with Saffron & Bhang (hemp), when horses of his imagination went that made him sit up.
“Today, let’s play Holi at Kishna’s House

Supreme Court of India on Pollution in Delhi

The Supreme Court of India has minced no words to express its displeasure over lack of seriousness by government to tackle air pollution in Delhi/NCR. . MORE

Climate change
The intense heat this summer baked mainstreet all around the world. India was no  different. Now, around half India is under the spell of floods. The TV channels have been regularly showcasing floods in leading cities.  READ MORE



Cartoon Watch
The last day of the year-2018. Amar Ujala, Aaj Samaj, Dainik Jagran, Punjab Kesari (Delhi), Veer Arjun, Mail Today, Tribune and Millennium Post carried no cartoons. Jansatta, Dainik Bhaskar, Indian Express and Times of India carried cartoon focused on New Year.  Dainik Jagran cartoon focused on savings, Hindu cartoon took on CM of Uttar Pradesh amidst mob violence. Cartoons in Dainik Tribune have focused on politics in the state of Haryana. Punjab Kesari (Panipat edition) has carried maximum toons- five- 2 on Augusta controversy, Girl child in Haryana, Accidental PM- Manhoman Singh, Modi & Rahul. A friend of SARCAJC points out cartoon in Asian Age on the editorial page focusing on Meghalaya is rather difficult to understand, without any reference of associated news. The supplement of Times of India has carried a large toon: must view, if you are planning to go out to celebrate the New Year with family today! Wow! (31 December 2018)

To read full article click HERE

Only general awareness
An advertisement informs- “AMR- matlab antibiotics ka beasar ho jaana” This ad in English daily- Times of India (4 February 2019), has used Hindi words to educate the main street. The small fonts at the bottom of this ad reads- “Information contained herein is for general awareness and is not meant to substitute medical advice. Always consult your general physician for any questions or advice regarding a medical condition” A friend of SARCAJC has raised a pertinent question- what about the doctors who prescribe overuse of antibiotics? There is not a word of caution to erring doctors, not a word where to complaint about them. Interestingly, this advertisement has been published by Indian Council for medical Research (ICMR) & Pfizer, a multinational that sells antibiotics. This there any conflict of interest, you decide!

16 February 2018
SARCAJC’S cartoonist has also made a few toons- Mega Bank Scam (PNB).  view MORE cartoons, Click to view. 

Prime Minister recalls Cartoon
Cartoons are favorites of all! The Indian Prime Minister in reply to motion of thanks to the President of India, in the  Indian Parliament, recalled a cartoon he saw in a newspaper during 1980..! ​ (7 February 2018)

Electoral Reforms: NOTA Power

An advertisement by Office of the Chief Electoral Office, Delhi has appeared with heading in bold- “ Public Notice”  Regarding “None of the above option” (NOTA). The ad informs electors who so not wish to vote ? MORE

From SARCAJc's CaRtooNistS-

 FUN hOLi!!! dONT mind, it's holi!

jusivi charliee hebdoo? I hope I get the pronounce- ciation correct? DO YOU draw also with pencil or ink, remember the punchline cannt be Le Charivari! Bon Voyaage to All real cartoonists who have stood up against oppression, drew their life boodlines, never cowed down, history is bound to take on the bookish last resport of not giving US the correct postition in real archival FILES. Did you have a cover with the pinups of baby napkins to remember that you are still in nursery school?! 21/02/2024

Written & drawn by Ms,. Pragya Parmita

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Fake News Celebrations

The fun festival of Holi has led a newspapers in Hindi- Navbharat Times devoting its front page to fake fun news! (21 March 2019). View cartoons on fake news celebration, made by Sarcajc's CartoOnisTs, VIEW

Reading, writing - woman, you still think positively!.

Did you seek support from US? Women founders ever EXTINCT.

Law against  dubious advertisements. (27/10/2017)
WE at SARCAJC are  happy that finally a law is in making to curb the menace of dubious, deceptive advertisement that dupes mainstreet.

According to INTUTE- “South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC) is South Asia's first study centre for research into the history and political importance of cartoons, political satire, advertisements and journalism..”. 

Is this an Issue ?
Monsterous crimes against women in Hyderabad, Unnao made it to the front pages of all newpapers last week. The outrage has again brought the burning issue of lack of safety for women in India ....SARCAJC has conducted a random survey of 175 women in NCR, 100 percent echoed that they feel unsafe. None  of them had confidence that police or judiciary will protect them. READ MORE


Ayodhya Dispute Solution

The Supreme Court of India's efforts to resolve long lasting Ayodhya dispute though mediation has failed.  You did read research articles written by its President- Prof Pramila Sharma, written 27 years ago as research input to solve this dispute.  READ MORE

South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC)  is first Independent Research Centre in South Asia which undertakes media monitoring in the neglected area of cartoons, advertisements. We study, research, promote, acquire and preserve cartoons, advertisement in Newspapers, Journals, and Magazines that constitute rich cultural heritage of this vast region.Aim for news archives & museum

Double Vision
Hindi newspaper- Hindustan has published word to word same news report with same heading - " Government is suppressing the voice of media: Congress" twice on page 15. Interestingly, two small columns are placed next to each other, so hard to say, didn't notice!! (27 June 19)

Only for a Day?

Today is World Environment Day. This has been highlighted by many newspapers on their masthead too. However, is remembrance for a day sufficient to save our earth from mankind greed? Sustainable development a lost word, only cosmetic conventions, conferences- photoshoot opportunities... (5 June 2019)

Whom to believe
One of leading Hindi newspaper- Hindustan on its front page informs that search for missing plane of Indian Air Force is being done by satellite. This news has been procured from Agency. However, the Gurgaon supplement of the same newspaper, courtesy correspondent informs that debris of missing plane has been found by Indian Air Force planes. The news report by correspondent of this newspaper has heading- “Pilot from Digot dies in Aircraft mishap”. All other newspapers scanned today carry the news of continuation of search for the missing Indian Air Force plane. (5 June 2019).

Jawaharlal Nehru On Indian Press:

The Press if it wants freedom - which is ought to have must have some balance of mind which is seldom possesses. One cannot have it both ways. Evert freedom in this world is limited, limited not so much by law as by circumstances. We do not wish to come in the way of freedom of the Press. Personally, I am convinced of the freedom of the Press.... More

Channel Watch-Tracking (monitoring?) Television, Radio channels in India

Indian Railway

Hindustan Times, today informs, Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) SK Pathak has given a clean chit to railways for accident that took place on 19 October. ..READ MORE

Recommended- Humourous story with cartoon on Demonetisation. To view click

Budget cartoons
The annual budget is boom for the cartoonists, in era of majority of newspapers granting only a small space for cartoons. Of 21 newspapers scanned, 8 newspapers carried large cartoons on their front page. The large toons carrying newspapers are- Dainik Jagran, Punjab Kesari (Delhi, Panipat), Eenadu, Loksatta, Times of India, Mail Today. (2 February 2019)

Extracts from the Presidential address at All India Newspaper Editor’s Conference.1947

..The Press in India is now adjusting itself to a complete transformation of scene. Does it not seem but yesterday when we were engaged in grimly fighting the battle of National Herald and Harijan with little hope of stable success? Today, National Herald is digging its toes under ideal conditions of popularity, prestige and security and Harijan is in need of ever-increasing supplies of paper for its expanding circulation..MORE

so many shades, life canvas still evades your drawing, still you write about MAINSTREET welfare!

Sarcajc Research in Journalism Advertisement & Cartoon