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Indian Railway

Hindustan Times, today informs, Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) SK Pathak has given a clean chit to railways for accident that took place on 19 October. Hundreds of people had stood on a railway track to attend a festival /function, ignoring the income train...Today, an advertisement by Indian Railways has appeared in Hindustan Times with a punch line...READ MORE

Extracts from the Presidential address at All India Newspaper Editor’s Conference.1947

..The Press in India is now adjusting itself to a complete transformation of scene. Does it not seem but yesterday when we were engaged in grimly fighting the battle of National Herald and Harijan with little hope of stable success? Today, National Herald is digging its toes under ideal conditions of popularity, prestige and security and Harijan is in need of ever-increasing supplies of paper for its expanding circulation..MORE

Amar Ujala Bureau reports - “Strict law will be made against dubious advertisements: Modi”. Accompanying, the important decision, is Prime Minister of India’s photograph. (27/10/2017)
WE at SARCAJC are  happy that finally a law is in making to curb the menace of dubious, deceptive advertisement that dupes mainstreet.
SARCAJC has been raising this issue since long- READ MOR

Sustainable Development

Ever increasing air pollution has made it persistently to the front page of leading newspapers. Today, Hindustan Times highlight on front page about much celebrated cybercity- Gurgaon- “cost of living with pollution: report says PM2.5 exposure lowers lifespan by 9 yrs”. However, this crucial topic has not appeared in debates in leading Indian TV channels, busy with evergreen topic of politics. And radio channels seem busy with entertainment. MORE

According to INTUTE- “South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC) is South Asia's first study centre for research into the history and political importance of cartoons, political satire, advertisements and journalism..”. 

The legendary London Punch had  influenced many native Punches in India. South Asians even under colonial rule were playing with Humour, satire and cartoons! Prof Pramila Sharma had penned down an article in Hindustan Times decades back- 1991, entitled "Punching Punch".

Jawaharlal Nehru On Indian Press:

The Press if it wants freedom - which is ought to have must have some balance of mind which is seldom possesses. One cannot have it both ways. Evert freedom in this world is limited, limited not so much by law as by circumstances. We do not wish to come in the way of freedom of the Press. Personally, I am convinced of the freedom of the Press.... More

Channel Watch-Tracking (monitoring?) Television, Radio channels in India

South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism & Cartoons (SARCAJC)  is first Independent Research Centre in South Asia which undertakes media monitoring in the neglected area of cartoons, advertisements. We study, research, promote, acquire and preserve cartoons, advertisement in Newspapers, Journals, and Magazines that constitute rich cultural heritage of this vast region.Aim for news archives & museum

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In Flanders’s Field

On the occasion of the royal visit of  honorable King & Queen of Belgium in India, Manimugha Sharma informs on page 5 in  Times of India  “Belgian buglers to sound clarion call on honour India’s WWI role”  at India Gate in New Delhi. (7 November 2017) Indeed,  thousands of Indian soldiers lost their lives during the first world war.  The Belgians remember them every evening at Menin Gate. But how many Indians have really remembered their contribution?  SARCAJC’s President- Prof Pramila Sharma had paid her tributes, two decades back . Do read her article- “Why no tribute of flowers! ” . 

Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts on village development

To read full article click HERE

To read MORE.

Queen Victoria

The movie - Victoria & Abul has come during the year when former British Raj colonies in South Asia are celebrating 70th year of Indian Independence from Great Britain. Indeed, Queen Victoria had a special place in establishment of British Raj.

SARCAJC’s  President- Prof Pramila Sharma had penned down this article - Victoria’s Munshi in Sahitya Amrit, Magazine in Hindi, March 1997, much before any one dwelt on this here! 

National Archives of India - Exhibition woes 2018 click here

16 February 2018
SARCAJC’S cartoonist has also made a few toons- Mega Bank Scam (PNB).

to view MORE cartoons, Click to view. 

Special Correspondent of Hindustan (10 November 2018) informs that on occasion of 150th birth celebrations, annual International Trade Fair 2018 in Delhi will bear Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts and will focus on cleanliness message, Khadi promotion and Gandhian village. This year's theme is rural enterprise. What was Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts on development of villages? Prof Pramila Sharma had penned down this way back in 1994.

World Cleanup Day-15 September 2018

Mahatma Gandhi on cleanliness, click here

Just dropped by!
Rarely, animals and birds make it to newspaper reports. Today, Rashtriya Sahara informs army of monkeys is having a nice time in various Central Government Ministries and in fact reports that in one ministry situated in South block, monkeys have started munching on food that employees bring in their lunchboxes, not just in one room but in various rooms, during lunch break! Untrained/trained monkeys, a topic for prime time debate? Dainik Bhaskar, inform that crows have been given special training to clear garbage in France. (30/9/18).  Birds & animals trapped in concrete jungle can’t raise their voice regarding loss of ecosystem in quest for urbanization but media can. 


Most leading newspapers carry from time to time photographs of smiling “women achievers” – majority having privileged backgrounds. As an exception today, the front page of Dainik Jagran, daily newspaper in Hindi, has highlighted a news report, carried on page 15- “ Shepherd’s daughter changed luck of family of millions”.  (7 August 2018) The importance of this achievement was visible by the highlight headline given by Dainik Jagran on its front page- “Charioteer of Independence”. Click to read more

Public Representation
One full page in Dainik Jagran dwells on one single question, incidentally is the heading-”What kind of public service?” . The highlight is thoughtful- “…In recently concluded parliament session, a record has been made in terms of low legislative work. Instead of national service, public service, all parliamentarians are indulging in disruption, lowering dignity of  parliament. They may have been deviating from their duties.  Click to view MORE

Women in India are unsafe. SARCAJC has been raising this serious problem for long time. VIEW. The United Nations has also now raised its concern. But why publish photograph of the young girl on front page with name & religion? The leading newspaper -Times of India carried this on its front page on 13 April 2018,. Did you say, why blame just newspapers, even the leading news channels revealed her name, photograph and religion.  

Satire of Day
Santosh Trivedi has penned down a satire in Hindi daily- Dainik Jagran-”Deer unhappy over punishment to Tiger”. He looks at the obsession of news channel over the court order and subsequent jail for bollywood actor- Salman Khan due to poaching of black buck. MORE

PNB Loot
Most newspapers are carrying details of the government action of raids, passport suspension, post hue & cry over Nirav Modi Scam,  which is over a billion rupee. Dainik Bhaskar stand out today for its large colored cartoon on page 12, where a seeming retired bank officer in formal rags is frying pakora, behind is the logo and board of PNB. He is seem telling a small boy & man (looking surprised) - “PNB.. Meaning pakore naram banege (pakoras will be soft”. The editorial of the day has been penned down by Kalpesh Yagnik,  the  Group editor of by Dainik Bhaskar which has appeared with heading-“Nirav Modi has looted- who will imprison those who allowed him to loot? “. Kalpesh has informed the readers in details of the mess and has not minced words . Kalpesh questioned why for such a big scam (over Rs billion ) only junior  bank employees have been have been made accountable (read suspended) , while top ones have been spared.  He has criticized the audacity of the present CEO of PNB - Sunil Mehta to come in front of the media and state in relaxed manner- “Bank is able. Will not allow any loss to any investor/customer””. …He should have been suspended. Court case should have been filed against him. All public sector banks have made a cruel joke. He recounts that for Vijay Mallya scam, State Bank of India (SBI) has not even suspended even one employee, forget any going to jail. He goes on to explain how PNB fraud was executed in simple language. He holds the government responsible. And ends- “Banks are ours. …Bank loss is like our loss. Have to save.”. Not surprising, Dainik  Bhaskar claims on its masthead-”You are reading country’s most trusted and Number 1 Newspaper”. 

16 February 2018
The Indian banking lead by public sector banks is reeling under tremendous stress, thanks to lack of accountability. Apart from huge pile up of Non performing assets, now scam has emerged in lead by Punjab National Bank (PNB). Look closer to the front page headlines in newspapers scanned by us today: 
“Finding NiMo: Nirav & Kin left India by Jan 6”(Times of India)
“ËD seizes assets worth Rs.5100 cr (Financial Express)
“ED seizes Rs. 5100 crore of Nirav Modi assets(Hindu Businessline)
“Pay up, RBI tells PNB”(Business Standard)
“Ägencies seize Rs 5100 cr from Nirav Modi’s firms”(Mint)
“Rs 5100 cr assets seized in PNB case”(Hindu)
“Nirav Modi Virus spreading rapidly”(DNA)
“ËD seizes Ts 501k cr Nirav Modi assets”(Hindustan Times)
“Cong targets Modi on Nirav ‘lonk’, ED seized Rs 5k cr gems” (Asian Age)
“Alerted on scam, govt did nothing: Cong”( Tribune)
“Fraud expands: Rs 3000 cr more from 17 banks, money laundering evidence”(Indian Express)
“Raid on Nirav Modi’s 17 places, jewellary worth 5100 cr seized”(Punjab Kesari)
“Raid on Nirav Modi’s 17 places”(Hindustan)
“Raid by ED on Nirav’s places property worth 5100 cr seized”(Dabang Duniya)
“ED raids Nirav, seizes Rs 5100 cr jewelley”(Pioneer)
“PNB scam: ED seizes Rs5100 cr worth Diamonds, jewellery”(Statesman)

Hindu- “Gen of Scam”- urges for speedy investigation to resolve faith in the banking system, though also concedes- “The banker -borrower nexus has been blamed for problem in banking system for years..”
DNA- “Bank Fraud”- alleges- “It is still the tip of the iceberg”. 
Asian Age- “Is huge fraud really an aberration?” TO READ MORE along with cartoons

Double News
After Supreme Court of India declared of Triple Talaq illegal, not only the government is trying to make a law in this regard, also the Muslim Personal Law Board by addition of clause in the Nikahanama that groom will not give triple talaq. The latter news has been carried by Dainik Bhaskar, sourced from “Agency” on its  front page & the same news has also been carried on page 4, with heading - “Man will have to promise that I will not give triple talaq” (front page), “Man will have to promise in Nikahanama-  I will not give triple talaq” (page 4). The only difference in contents is that front page news carries in the end, one extra line, different highlight and a photo of protesting women! (4 February 2018)

Budget Celebrations
The annual budget cartoon celebrations have been displayed the best on front pages of non-English newspapers in the capital. Hindi newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Hindustan, Dabang Duniya and non- Hindi newspapers Eenadu, Lokmat, Sakshi are simply outstanding! (2 February 2018).?

New Year Celebrations
The celebration of new year is visible on the masthead of most newspapers in Hindi. Dainik Bhaskar outshines all by providing readers with a perfumed newspaper today! The various advertisements also greet the readers. The advertisers are varied- Pan masala, Ghee, Income Tax department, BSNL,  individuals. Though Indian Railways has place one full page advertisement with punch line- “Think Sports Think Railways” but has forgotten to greet its readers - happy new year. Advertisements by hefty NPA ridden public sector banks  have also made an appearance  like Ad by Canara Bank  in Times of India Bank, it  highlights- “We feel elated… with Canara …!!” Wow, who is we? The advertisement by Allahabad Bank in Dainik Jagran highlights its heritage. The largest public sector Bank- State Bank of India seems to have forgotten to greet its customers, though has placed an advertisement in Dainik Jagran for possession of NPA ridden property. Taking about financial education for the main street, Nilanjana Chakraborty & Anirban Bora in Times of India have presented a story - “Don’t let friends take you for a ride”. This illustrated comic reminds of Panchtantra Tales in the Äge of Turbulence dominated with greed. Not to be missed on the new year! (1 January 2018)?


To read more click HERE

Native Vs English Newspaper

The pre independent India saw curbs on native press under the colonial rule. The friction between the English press & the native press was evident. Post independence, the credibility of native press should not have been any less than that of the English press. However, today, (25 November 2018) Indian Oil, leading public sector, has placed an advertisement in Hindustan Times on page 14, with punch line- “Notice for appointment of regular/rural retain outlet dealerships for Haryana” with a bias towards English newspapers...MORE

JOURNALISM IN INDIA- read an article from Benares Magazine- Feb 1849. "Peculiarities of Indian Society".

Chronic Delhi Air pollution has reached the front page with cosmic measures. Pollution is not new to this part of the world, with sustainable development a lost word. SARCAJC's cartoonists had taken on  this problem last year.

Prime Minister recalls Cartoon
Cartoons are favorites of all! The Indian Prime Minister in reply to motion of thanks to the President of India, in the  Indian Parliament, recalled a cartoon he saw in a newspaper during 1980..! ​ (7 February 2018)

Sarcajc Research in Journalism Advertisement & Cartoon 

Monitoring Print Media: Tracking Newspapers in India

 To Read full article

Archival Treasures on 2 October 2018, birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

From SARCAJC's cartoonist:

Hey, blackbuck is listening!




An Investigation : Merger of Indian Banks
The merger of largest government controlled bank in India- SBI with other 5 banks has taken place and the data reveals it has NOT been successful. Unlike enthusiastic lead economists, media, SARCAJC had raised serious apprehension.  To Read

Self regulation working?

Hindu has reported-“Set up mechanism to hear plaints about TV content: SC”. The legal corresponded informed-“The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government to set up, streamline and publicise a complaint redressal mechanism…to deal with citizen’s complaints about content telecast or aired by private TV channels and radio..”. The para four of this news report carries a quote by the bench of Supreme Court-”We cannot ask the (the Centre) to monitor the content of the channels. How can we do that? ..” While Times of India’s Dhananjay Mahapatra has highlighted-”SC: Set up body to look into complaints against channels”. (13 January 2017).

SARCAJC is independently monitoring!

TO READ full article


What is POLICY?

Extracts from Oudh Punch 1870s

Building Castles in the air; the pretense of conferring a favour upon another while promoting one’s own interest; smearing one’s body with blood & representing oneself as having fought in a religious war (i.e. to try to acquire fame by merely pretending to have taken a part in a good action); an ultimate clamour....More

Historical Saharanpur

Sandeep Rai reports in Times of India-”ASI gets full control of fort after 149 years, jail likely to be shifted”. From Meerut, he informs that -”Exactly 149 years after Rohilla Fort was converted into a prison, the Saharanpur district jail is all set to ‘fall’ into the hands of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). (Historically speaking, Saharanpur has been rich in its cultural heritage. Do READ an article by /SARCAJC‘s President, few decades ago - Saharanpur-rich with culture.​

        view sarcajc gallery


The Indian media has highlighted record Indian medal tally in the recently concluded Asian Games. The national broadcasting radio- All India radio's FM Gold Channel was broadcasting live commentary of  major matches. But its regular RJs seemed untrained for the rule of sports commentator. One female RJ conceded (live) that she is confused between a match & game.. MORE

Bollywood  TRP
The obsession of most leading news channels in India with Bollywood celebrities is not new. Now, this time the obsessive star-stuck event was actor Salman Khan’s conviction for poaching an endangered deer- Blackbuck. Most leading news channel seemed to have turned into entertainment channels!  On April 5, 2018, Zee news at 17:44, during daily debate programme -“Taal Tok Ke” featured two anchors (one male, one female), who are not usually seen in this debate- anchoring. Ms. Rubika, the usual anchor of this debate show was missed, especially when these 2 anchors were unable to conduct the debate with sharpness. The hash tag for this debate was #JailMeinSalman. India TV at 17:55pm was highlighting-“5 years jail for Superstar Salman”. “For Bollywood & fans Salman Khan is bhaiyaan”. The hash tag for this programme was #JailforSalman. Even the foreign news channel- CNN at 18:05pm carried this news but was unable to provide details from its correspondent situated India, due to audio problem. The debate in News World India at 18:30pm with 6 respondents highlighted- “Tiger was under shallow of punishment for 20 years!” and also asked- “Is there delay in  judgment for Salman?”, and stated “Salman became ‘shikar’ of “Blackbuck”.CLICK to read MORE

Revelations- Alpha Files
During prime Time, Republic TV stood out with its Editor-in-chief - Arnab Goswami questioning  ED on valuation of the seized assets to be over Rs 550 million, that too done so quickly. Prema Sridevi raised apprehension about authenticity of sized jewellery - American diamonds? “Loan Vs Zero Asserts scam”. Larger scam in making.. hundreds of bank officers were bribed and entertained...Arnab declared-”We will not agree to closure of the case” and raised voice over quality of journalism- how reporters are not doing any real reporting rather going after press releases by the Government and presenting them as "news-break” The Republic TV has opened “The Alpha Files”, “Deep Throat” insights -in coming days. The rot in Indian financial system that has take toll on the main street is finally started coming out from the closet. But larger issue (read need) of transformational restructuring must not get lost in blame game. Did you say immediately replace all CEOs, board of directors (with majority independent directors) in all public sector banks. Investigative/research journalists as board of directors, good start indeed! (16 February 2018)​

Did You reVeal, how mUcH?
The attack on Indian Army camp in Jammu (10 February 2018) saw most leading news channels featured  their correspondent in Jammu. All claimed that they showing visuals after a time lag and were not revealing operational details. Channels like India News (12:30 pm), Indian TV (12:35 pm) did show the building there terrorist were hiding, While DD News was busy (12:42 pm) telecasting the press conference by Finance Minister, RBI & SEBI chief- after their meeting on annual budget. While correspondent from Aaj Tak informed (16:38 pm) that huge generators are bring taken to the army camp. Most news channels initiate discussion/debate on national security with people with different ideologies, retired defence personnels etc, with seemingly little contribution from the research wing of news channels (if any!). Most news channels (excluding business channels) had fielding the same news anchors to initiate the discussion on budget, did you say!? Say, did you present statistics on comparative low allocation (adjusted for inflation)  for defence in the annual budgets vis-à-vis demand- over the years? Yes, obsession of media with GDP growth continues. Is inequity led growth sustainable? The Prime Minister of India had recently revealed on floor of Indian Parliament (7 February 2018) - the extent of Non Performing Assets (NPA) in public sector banks- 82% when his government took over. Later this day, during prime-time, this was not topic of  discussion in any leading news channel, wonder why? This did not make headlines of newspapers too- next day. Point to ponder- Is privatization a solution, as deputy Governor of RBI had suggested last year? Is privatization cure for unregulated greed? Did you say today, private sector accounts has accounted huge pile of NPAs in India! And Central Bank- Reserve Bank of India (RBI) slept all this while, without any accounting! The fact is that Indian banking system has failed and now is being bailed-out with tax-payers money- has not being highlighted by the mainstream Indian media. No expert-media voices are being heard- make defaulting Managing Directors, Executive Directors of these NPA ridden public sector banks, Governors & Deputy Governors of RBI (who were drawing fat salary & perks) be held accountable for NPAs.

Mahatma Gandhi on Advertisements:

I hold that it is wrong to conduct newspapers by the aid of...immortal advertisements, I do believe that if advertisements should be taken at all there should be a rigid censorship instituted by newspaper proprietors and editors themselves and that only healthy advertisements should be taken...More

Strengthening Democracy, Governance & Accountability

Rajendra PrasadJawaharlal Nehru remember Mahatma Gandhi

From SARCAJC's cartoonist

Education best!

A must to read- “Did Gandhi wanted to make such kind of public representatives”. This article was written down by SARCAJC’s President- Prof Pramila Sharma in Rashtriya Sahara, a newspaper in Hindi, way back, 18 September 1994